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Passionate about Menomonee Falls and the success of our students. Auditing and consulting experience. Proven professional who can identify best practices to find solutions and reduce unnecessary spending.

Vote April 6, 2021

Menomonee Falls School Board

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I’m Jennifer Grant and I am running for Menomonee Falls School Board. I am 1993 graduate of Menomonee Falls High School, a wife and a mother to four children who attend Menomonee Falls public schools. Not only did I grow up in Menomonee Falls, my husband and I chose to establish our own family roots here and raise our children in this community. I want the best education for my children and yours; the same high-caliber, rigorous, and well-rounded education that I received in Menomonee Falls. All children should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential and the best way to do this is through a student-centered education.

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Moving Forward

I am committed to and passionate about our public schools, our children and the Village of Menomonee Falls. Afterall, I did grow up here! Great schools are the foundation of a community, educating the next generation of leaders and informed citizens. 

We are all in this together…parents and caregivers supporting and nurturing their children, teachers finding new ways to instill in their students a passion for continuous learning, and the community for investing in the infrastructure to make it all possible. The School Board must carefully balance the interests of all of these parties - ensuring a high-quality education, provided by diverse and engaged teachers and staff, for the best value for the community.


I humbly ask for your support and your vote as I run to represent you on the Menomonee Falls School Board.



After high school, I attended St. Norbert College with a major in Finance/Accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), internal auditor, and compliance professional at a large area healthcare organization. I previously worked at one of the largest accounting and auditing firms in the world advising clients on best practices for their businesses. I will bring this experience and financial acumen to the Board and ensure that taxpayer funds are spent in the most efficient and responsible manner.

The Grant Family: Colin, Patrick, Megan, Luna, Grace, Jennifer, Emily


Serving my community is very important to me. I am a former member of the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors, having been elected/re-elected 5 times by constituents of Menomonee Falls, Butler and the City of Brookfield. I am also a current appointee to the Menomonee Falls Plan Commission. My prior community and government service will allow me to contribute as a School Board member on DAY ONE. During the annual Waukesha County budget process ($250+ million spent annually), I routinely identified items that would reduce the overall tax burden or reprioritized proposed spending to address more pressing needs. If elected, I will do the same for the school district. All budget items should be scrutinized and re-evaluated each and every year, not just simply carried forward.



As a former elected official and a current Village appointee, I have a track record to run on…not just empty promises. As a County Supervisor, I made promises and delivered. I received phone calls and emails from constituents and always responded in a timely manner with a solution – no excuses. Vote for me if you are looking for honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency.


While COVID-19 has had many negative impacts on our students and society, it has shown us that our school district can adapt and change quickly when required. Online classes have created new opportunities to advance our student learning. We cannot simply go back to the old ways of educating students. For many, a fully in-person experience will still be best. But for others, new options are available and should be explored further. I will challenge the Superintendent and the other Board members to continue to offer educational opportunities to maximize our students’ learning as INDIVIDUALS. No longer can we say ‘no’ to good ideas just because they may not be easy to accomplish. Menomonee Falls should never settle for good enough – our children deserve more.

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